Book: angel, A jump into the lost world by Rodolfo Gerstl

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      Attempting to perpetuate his fascinating experience, Rodolfo Gerstl has put together this book with a selection of images which describe an experience that is practically impossible to express with words. This is a book about a conversation between nature and himself; a sensorial dialogue in which water, colors, textures, dimensions and distance seem to have voices of their own.

      Guided by his senses, he lets go and is enveloped by the synchronicity between what is felt and what is sensed. It is the starting point, the beginning of his relationship with the other reality. It implies an exchange where both worlds become one, an inseparable and vital act of communication between his total being and the outside world. And in these videos he shows us how it´s done, enjoy.


Rodolfo Gerstl

     Born in 1952 and raised in Caracas, Rodolfo graduated as an Economist from the UCAB in 1975 and then in 1977 he obtained an MBA from UCLA. 

     Soon after that, he became a pioneer sky diver in Venezuela during the seventies. In October 1982 he attempted successfully the first Base Jump (free fall) from the top of Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. In 1988 he perform the first jump in history from Kukenan, the second highest waterfall; and also jumped into the Sari-Sariñama, the biggest sink hole in the world, both in his native country of Venezuela.

     Since then, Rodolfo has developed a profession out of his passion, becoming a renowned Location Scouting Expert in the Tepuys area for major international film production companies. And the best tour guide on his VIP Helicopter Trips for those who wish to experience and photograph the lost world. 

Rodolfo Gerstl Angel Falls

Welcome to the jungle

      Rodolfo has devoted his life to the incredible lost world in Venezuela. For more than 40 years, he has been creating custom made helicopter trips for hundreds of people from all over the planet - from filmmakers to families. But he´s been getting acquainted with the nature of this marvellous place, ever since he did the first base jump from the top of Angel Falls in 1982. And it´s with that same rush of excitement that he wants you to experience this world, from staring at the smallest insect to flying over the tallest waterfall, making you feel like you´re on top of the world - and you´ll be.

      Privately Guided Jungle Tours: organised with private charter airplane, helicopter and unique jungle campsites at Angel Falls on the Auyantepuy. As well as trips to other Tepuys in Venezuela like Sari-Sariñama, Autana and Kukenan.

      Location Scouting: at the finest filming locations. Rainforest, the highest waterfalls, prehistoricall settings, Andes Mountains, sand dunes, Caribbean paradise and much more.

      Photography Tours: Rodolfo will be taking you to the best spots on the air, on the ground and on call around this wild place he´s been capturing for years with his camera.

International Production Credits

World Stunts - Gary Benz EntertainmentExpo Sevilla 92 - 70mm Iwokrs L.A. / National Geographic - Angel Falls / Alan Jouban - Djarum Cigarettes / Mountain Dew - Fahrenheit Films / Hollywood Gum - Radical Media / Le Jaguar - Francis Veber / Jungle 2 Jungle - Disney / What Dreams May Come staring Robin Williams - Universal / Dinosaur - Disney / Life in the Balance - IMAX


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